Sea, Sand and Silence

Sunrise: Taken on my retreat in 2009

I am off for another week of retreat. This is truly a gift; I usually only manage one retreat a year. My job this year has been extremely busy and extremely stressful. I decided in February to use my second week of vacation for another retreat. St Joseph by the Sea offers these silent retreats four times a year~ May being the last one. I watched their website for the exact dates and sent my deposit in as soon as the dates posted. I figured if they had room, then that was God's way of saying I could and should do this.
God always seems to spoil me rotten during these days with Him and this Daughter of the King is expecting no less this time :)
I am looking forward to the silence and the sea; the two go so perfectly together and are extremely conducive to prayer.
As I write this I am not sure what my reading material will be. I have some Bernard of Claiveaux that I haven't read yet that may be good company.  Last September I brought Thomas Merton's Book of Hours; I may use that again for Morning and Evening Prayer. We will see what the Holy Spirit recommends.
I will keep you all in my prayers during this week by the sea. I will return next here next Sunday with another Sunday meditation post~perhaps something God and sea inspired.
To all of the mothers who read and follow this blog~ a very Happy Mother's Day to all of you.


Best wishes. Bon voyage et au revoir.

God bless.
Michael said…
Prayers for a blessed retreat!
Caroline said…
I pray for you to be 'spoiled rotten' as a precious daughter of the King. He does this for me too at least once a year.

blessings and +