Around The Blogosphere

In my cruise around the blogosphere today, I came across some worthwhile posts. Matthew Warner gives his thoughts and observations on what Mardi Gras should be and what it has become in his article "The Day After Fat Tuesday". For a more tongue in cheek look at the beginning of Lent read Laurence of England's "Extreme Lent". It's a good reminder to take Lent seriously but shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. You can still catch this week's
Catholic Carnival before it moves on. There's even an awesome cookie recipe in one of the posts if you want something decadent for your own Fat Tuesday. If you want to join in the festivities of the next Catholic Carnival, you'll find that information there as well. Finally, for my own self-promotion- I'm starting something new on my sidebar called Voice of the Saints. There will be a quote from a saint each day. Today I am starting with one of my favorites; Blessed Charles de Foucauld. I love reading the saints; they have so much to say to us. We need them to pray for us-don't be afraid to ask your favorite saints to do so. The Communiion of Saints is one of our Catholic treasures.
Happy Reading!