It's That Time of Year Again

Lent. This year for reasons I can't seem to figure out, I am having a bit of trouble getting into the spirit of this holy season. This may sound strange, but I look forward to Lent. It is "spiritual bootcamp" and the good Lord knows I need it!
When I returned to the Church six years ago, I did what I remember doing during my childhood; I gave up something. Yes, the proverbial chocolate- I am a hardcore chocoholic! But over the course of these years, I have felt the need to do something in addition to the giving up. Perhaps my difficulty this year is that, despite having prayed on it, I am just not sure what our Lord wants. So I will venture out into the desert and let the Holy Spirit be my guide.
I think my real problem is that the "what to do's" are coming more subtley than they usually do. As Ash Wednesday is the day after tomorrow, I have put together a rough sketch of a plan.

Here it is:
1. Attend the parish mission my parish is having next week.
2.Give something up~not sure what yet. Maybe chocolate again, maybe coffee.
3. Attempt to get up earlier than my already 5:30a.m. for extra prayer time.
4. Donate any change I collect between now and Easter to a worthy Catholic charity.This is also a remnant of my childhood.
5. Attend the Stations of the Cross every Friday night.

This seems to be quite a list. The spirit is definitely willing to do all of what is on this list. I pray my weak flesh will also rise to the occasion.
Writing this out actually helped me to see that I have a better idea than I thought of what our Lord may be calling me to do this Lent.
Oh~ and I just registered for the free online women's retreat being given by Loyola Press. Ladies click here if you'd like to join. (Sorry guys).
I also know that I do not need to get too tangled up in the details, but rather stay open to our Lord's promptings and cooperate with His grace. The best thing I can give him is my heart and all the love I can humanly muster up for all He has merited through His sacred Passion and Death. I will return love for love.
I wish all my kind readers a blessed Lenten season. May we die with him during this time so that we may rejoice in his rising at Easter.