Do They Really Think The Are Being Helpful?

Yesterday while I was in the middle of my daily cruise aroud the internet, I stumbled upon a February 2, 2009 article in Glamour magazine. The article was titled, "Abortion: The Serious Health Decision Women Aren't Talking About Until Now". In order to get to the article, I had to go through the main page of the website. Here I was bombarded with ads for Gardasil, and the titles of their blog posts which include, "How Many Guys Have You Kissed?", and "How To Prepare for Plunging Necklines". An article in another section was titled "My Most Sexually Awkward Moment". This magazine seems to be targeted to a readership in their twenties. As I made my way through this mess searching for the article in question, I wanted to scream from a rooftop somewhere, "Young women of America you are being lied to, assaulted and abused!" I know the editors of this magazine and others like it do not have this intention in mind, but as someone who has succumbed to the lies and the ads and has been rescued from them, the truth of what they are doing is abundantly clear. But I digress...

I finally found my way to the article on abortion. The writer of the article thought she was giving the whole story by reporting snippets from one or two women who had had abortions. The doctor who was quoted seemed very callous although she was portrayed as someone being "helpful." The article again strove to be helpful by giving a few questions women should ask themselves when faced with this decision; questions like "Are you doing this because you feel it is best for you?", "Do you believe that an abortion is equivalent to killing a child who is already born?" In the discussion under this question, they did make an attempt to give some resources that may give women other options like adoption. The final question is where they really miss the mark, "Why is the abortion rate so high?" In trying to answer this one the article talks about more effective uses of contraception as well as emergency contraception that can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse in the event that the first method of birthcontrol fails (broken condoms etc). It was at this point I found myself mumbling aloud, "They just don't get it!"
What was more outrageous than the article itself, was the comments that followed. One in particular was heartbreaking. A woman talked about how she is still unable to forgive herself and realizes she gave up the only chance she had of having a child. I wish I had her e-mail to let her know there is help out there. The other comments just made me angry. Most were the usual praises for an "open and honest" article on this subject. I couldn't help myself; I had to leave a comment voicing the truth of how horrible this is (no I did not include the gory details) as well as the web address for Rachels Vineyard. I wanted to say more in my comment but knew I would get carried away.

Finally what saddened me most was that nowhere does the article mention the baby. Not that I would expect an article in a magazine like this to do so. I was just so struck by how this article gave such a clear picture of what our society has become- "me centered". It's all about "what's best for me." Nowhere did it ask "What's best for the baby?" And they really couldn't see how abortion really isn't best for the woman involved either.
After the ordeal of this article, I felt sick to my stomach. However, I was glad that I came upon it for the simple reason that it gave me a glimpse into what is going on out there. Not that I live in a cave, but because I choose not read most secular magazines it can become easy to put the reality of just how bad things are in the back of my mind. I have to remind myself that in being able to fight the Enemy, you have to know the Enemy. The pro-abortion and pro-choice people are not the real enemy; Satan gets that title.

You may have noticed that I posted a prayer intention for this year on my sidebar. It is to pray for our youth because they are being lied to. Unless they come from strong, practicing faith based families, they are likely to fall prey to the attractive snares the devil has set. Articles like this don't help matters. I know I have only scratched the surface of what articles like this are really about, but my purpose in writing this is just to bring the reality and severity of the problem to the forefront. Again, sometimes I get so caught up in fighting the fight that I lose sight of the reality of the situation.
You can read the article for yourself. Just click the link above and it will take you straight to it. I wanted to save you the horror of the main page.


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