More Than One Life At Stake

I read a story today that was a double edged sword; both edifying and also sad. The article on Catholic Exchange was titled Daughter of Rape Victim Pleads for the Life of Unborn Child in Danger of Abortion. This story is happening in Argentina which is a country with fairly strong pro-life views, so there is much controversy surrounding it.
I was edified both by the young woman doing the pleading as well as by the lawyer who has come forward offering to take the child into his own family once he or she is born. The young woman's mother is also a rape victim who suffers from mental illness, just as the mother of the unborn baby. Her witness speaks volumes to the endless possibilities of each life.
The woman's parents are requesting the abortion because of the rape and because they say their daughter is mentally ill. Will this child have emotional difficulties? Maybe, maybe not. Are the events surrounding this child's conception tragic? Definitely, but the conception itself is NOT tragic!
What saddens me about the story other than the obvious- the loss of this child's life, is that not only are the grandparents asking that their grandchild be killled, but they are also about to add to the trauma that their daughter has suffered from the rape.
Now, I can only imagine what it is like to go through something as horrifying as rape; not to mention being mentally ill on top of it. However I do know from experience the horrors of abortion and its after effects. Thanks be to God I repented of this sin and sought healing. If this woman is forced to go through an abortion, it will only add to her trauma. Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is very real. (See note at end of post for resources.) I'm sure this woman's parents are not thinking or are even aware of this. What I pray they do become aware of is the sanctity of this baby's and every baby's life.
I read this article early this morning. It has been on my mind all day which is why I decided to write about it. Whenever I post about anything of such importance, I always ask myself, "What's your motivation?" In this case it is not to judge, it is not to merely vent and it is not to tell my own story. My motivation in this case is prayer. I ask that you follow the link at the beginning of this post to the article on Catholic Exchange. After reading it, please join me in praying for the unborn baby, the baby's mother and grandparents. I would even ask that you pray for the rapist. Also ask a special blessing on the young woman pleading for this baby's life and for the young lawyer willing to open his heart and home to this child. We need more like them.
God can bring great good out of terrible evil. We only need to look at a crucifix to see that. The young woman doing the pleading and her twin sister are also proof of it. So are the many who have sought and received healing from the wound that abortion inflicts.

Consecration of an Unborn Child to Jesus and Mary
Dear Blessed Mother, we gather here in your presence and in the presence of your Son, the Almighty God, here present in the Tabernacle and in our hearts. We ask you, Blessed Mother, in union with your Spouse, the Holy Spirit, to be the safeguard of this little child at birth and throughout its life. We ask you, dear Lady, to keep your mantle over this little one as well as (name), the mother. We come to you to consecrate this child to your Immaculate Heart and to the Heart of your Son. Please give this child your special blessing now and for eternity, and guard it from all the evils of the world. Amen.

(Prayer is from

*For resources on Post Abortion Syndrome and Post Abortion healing:
Forbidden Grief by Dr. Theresa Burke PhD, with David C. Reardon
Redeeming a Father's Heart by Kevin Burke MSS, LSW


Fredi said…
Sorry; I mistakenly posted the following comment intended for this post to another post:

I include this poem in my literature packet when I do outreach outside an abortion center:
Unborn Child's Plea. I think a rape victim could relate to it. (The website is one of my Internet resources dedicated to the promotion of sidewalk outreach ministry worldwide.

February 7, 2009
Karinann said…
Thanks Fredi. The poem is beautiful; wish someone would have given it to me 20 years ago-it may have given me the courage to change my mind. I'm passing the poem and website to a friend who does sidewalk counseling.
God Bless!
Fredi said…
Dear Karinann,

I apologize to you on behalf of all American citizens and especially Christians, that there wasn't (I presume) anyone reaching out to you 20 years ago outside the abortion center. We failed you dear sister and I am deeply sorry for that. I know you love us anyway as we do you.