In Season and Out

This is one blog post everyone needs to read. One of my blog acquaintances, SAHMinIL, has written Fridays-Meatless-Penance, a wonderfully informative post on Fridays being a day of penance ALL year round;not just during Lent. She has done her research and even includes the part of canon law that states this. She also believes that the bishops being allowed to give their flocks the choice of what penance to do during Non-Lenten Fridays is a great disservice to us. I could not agree with her more! Many Catholics are unaware of the fact that Fridays are still a day of penance in the Church. All that many seem to think is "It's OK to eat meat on Friday now." True as long as you are offering an alternative penance. Read SAHMinIL's post- she has explained this all much better than I can.
Many of our bishops need to do more teaching, not just preaching from their pulpits. However, as Catholics it is also up to us to know and continuosly study our faith; it is filled with endless treasures! If you don't already have a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church-get one and read and then reread it! It is very user friendly. (See my sidebar under Catholic Links) The Catechism is a great place to start. The encyclicals and letters of our present Holy Father and those before him are also a great study tool. Finally, you can Google Canon Law to look up any point of which you may be unsure.
SAHMinIL's blog is also a great place if you are a home schooling parent. I have the greatest admiration for all of you who make this choice.
May you all continue to be blessed and strengthened as you continue your Lenten journeys.


SAHMinIL said…
Aw, thanks for the mentioning my little post that I made today! Besides the CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church)(which I think to is a must read along with scripture) I HIGHLY suggest the book Catholicism for Dummies! (You know the "dummies series", they are the black and yellow books) It is an easy read and great for learning!

Here is an amazon link for Catholicism for Dummies:

You will have to copy and paste that link. Personally I like anything that Fr. John Trigilio has written. (Fr. John Trigilio is one of the authors of Catholicism for Dummies)
Karinann said…
I like Fr. Trigilio as well. Thanks for the link for Catholicism for Dummies.
Father Ken Brighenti (my co-author) and I thank you for the kind words. Our "Catholicism Answer Book: 300 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions" is a good companion to our Catholicism For Dummies and we also wrote The Everything Bible Book. These are being used by RCIA, high school CCD and colleges across the USA. God bless you and have a holy Lent.