Blueberry Muffins: An E~Book Review

 My dear friend, Colleen from Thoughts On Grace, recently sent me the gift of a copy of her new e~book, Blueberrry Muffins: Everyday Stories of God's Love. As a thank you for her kindness I thought I would review the book here.
The eight stories Colleen shares with her readers are beautifully and simply written. The common thread through all of them being that God manifests His love for us, sometimes, most times, in the simplest of ways. It might be through blueberry muffins, a prayer chair, a sunset on a retreat, or even through a personal crisis. Colleen uses each of these things and more to tell how God has shown His love to her in her own life.
While these stories are the author's, you will find God in your own life's circumstances in each of them. I was able to relate very easily to Colleen's story of the prayer chair she uses as her special place for prayer; I too have a special place where I like to pray and sit with spiritual reading. The story of her retreat and how she allowed herself to "melt into God's arms", anytime I have been on retreat, that's what I find happening to me as well.
The stories in Colleen's book serve as wonderful meditations to help us see how God is in the everyday circumstances of life. The stories will make you smile and some will even make you cry, but above all they will make you more aware of God's love for you.
Click the link at the top of this post to read excerpts and for details on how to order the e~book which sells for $4.99.
Once you receive the book, sit down with a nice cup of something and maybe even a blueberry muffin!
Thank you for sharing these stories, Colleen.


Mary333 said…
Colleen has a gift for seeing God everywhere and in all circumstances :) I am going to order her E-book as soon as I set up a Paypal account. Thanks for the review, I know I'll enjoy her book.
Karinann said…
She certainly does and yes you will enjoy the book.
God Bless!
Colleen said…
Wow. Just got home and visited your blog to see how you were doing after the Christmas weekend and I see my e-book here! Thank you so much for your wonderful review!! I so appreciate it! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I am back blogging by Tuesday!
Karinann said…
It was my pleasure, Colleen. I enjoyed the book and I am sure it is one I will go back to.
Christmas was quiet.I have to work Mon and Wed. this week but am looking forward to another long weekend for New Years.
~ Judy ~ said…
Thanks for sharing this wonderful review for Colleen's wonderful e-book! I just LOVE the way Colleen writes so as to make one feel as though one is sitting right at her dining room table with her!