Fr. Gordon MacRae's Must Read Article

I have posted about Fr. MacRae before on this blog. He is a priest falsely accused of sexual abuse and serving a 15 year prison sentence. You can read his full story at his blog, These Stone Walls. (Links at the end of this post.)
However, if you only read one post Fr. MacRae has written, I suggest it be his final one for this year, The Dark Night of a Priestly Soul. It tells the story of Fr. Richard Lower who seven years ago on December 29th, took his own life because of accusations of sexual abuse.
While I understand that there were and are priests guilty of this heinous crime, there are more priests that were accused falsely and have either taken their lives or are seving prison sentences. Fr. MacRae gives more detail and statistics on these things in his post.
My reason for writing this post and encouraging you to read Fr. MacRae's is to get as many people as possible to pray for priests, all priests.
I will repeat here what I said to Fr. MacRae in my comment to him. Our priests are on the front lines in fighting this battle against Satan. What Satan is well aware of is that if he can get rid of our priests, there is no Jesus in the Eucharist, no Jesus in the Eucharist~ well let's not even go there!
I know that Christ promised us that the gates of the netherworld would not prevail against His Church, but it is taking a beating. Our prayers are needed to help fight the battle.
Let us pray for our priests. Give them an encouraging word when we can. They need our help, not our criticism.
We also need to pray for those priests who are guilty; they are in need of healing. Finally, let us pray for those priests who have been falsely accused and succumbed to the despair and anguish caused by these accusations and have taken their own lives.
Here are the links to Fr. MacRae's post wriiten at Priests In Crisis and the link to his blog These Stone Walls.


Anne said…
Thank you for posting this Karinann. You are a beautiful soul and do so much good in this world! Yes, I am and will continue to pray. And now, I will look at the link. God bless.
Michael said…
What an inspirational post. Thanks for reminding me to always pray for our priests - especially in this Year of the Priest. God Bless.
Karinann said…
Thank you both for reading this post. Fr MacRae had the backing of two very strong voices in the Church: Fr. Richard Neuhaus and Cardinal Dulles, both of whom have gone on to their heavenly home. So now he has 2 very powerful intercessors.
Mary333 said…
Fr. Macrae's plight has touched my heart. He reminds me of Jesus, falsely accused and imprisoned. I am glad it is the Year of the Priest; it reminds people to pray for them. Thank you for this post, Karin.
P.S. [ I have been reading up on St Francis and been praying for his intercession. Thanks for doing this for me. I am going to post a picture of him on my blog as my saint for 2010.]
Karinann said…
His story does mirror Jesus'. I know that he unites his sufferings with Jesus', so there is no telling how much good will come from them.
Thanks for reading his post.
I am sure St Francis is already hard at work for you :)
God Bless.
Colleen said…
A beautiful post. I read the links you posted too. Thanks. I will continue to keep all priests in my prayers. And please, let us remember to pray for the victims of sexual abuse as well. They are innocent, but have received a life sentence. God bless!
Karinann said…
So true Colleen. Thanks for reading Fr MacRae's post as well as for the reminder to keep the victims of abuse in prayer.
Rieckhoff said…
Thank you for sharing this;I am going to look at the link! I am a friend of Anne B. and would like to have a saint choose me from the ones you have left. My name is Danette.God Bless you!
Karinann said…
Welcome Rieckhoff. I will be happy to choose a saint for you.
God Bless!