The Good Shepherd And This Rebel Sheep

John 10:27~30
The Gospel for this week is a short one, but there is much there for meditation and reflection~the image of Our Lord as the Good Shepherd and the sheep that know and hear His voice.
When I taught 7th and 8th graders some years ago, I would often say to them: "I know you heard me, but are you listening?" I still hold that there is a marked difference between hearing and listening.
Looking back on my own life, I think that there were and maybe still are, times when I behave very much like my students. I hear God, but I am not listening very closely to what He is saying. Or perhaps even worse, I can be like the spoiled brat who sticks her fingers in her ears refusing to listen because I just don't want to hear what my Father has to say.
Now I will admit since my return to the Good Shepherd, I have more interest in what it is He wants to say to me and I do strive to hear and listen to His voice most of the time.
Today's Gospel tells us that the sheep hear His voice and follow, and that the Good Shepherd gives His sheep eternal life which no one can take from them. Even when I try to take myself away from this gift, it is still offered. I can continue to refuse it, and heaven knows I tried for many years, but by virtue of my Baptism and Our Lord's Death and Resurrection, that gift of eternal life is mine if I accept it.
In Baptism we are grafted into Christ; this is what enables us to always be able to hear Him, and it is also what gives us the freedom to follow Him.
This rebel sheep has taken her fingers out of her ears. I much prefer the sound of the Good Shepherd's voice to the cacophony of others in this world.
Today is also the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. There are many who may be hearing the Good Shepherd's voice calling them to serve Him in the priesthood and religious life. Let us pray that they will truly listen and answer that call as Our Lord wishes.
Wishing you a blessed Good Shepherd Sunday!


Colleen said…
Beautiful meditation. I too have not always listened very well. But I am more aware of the need to!! God bless!
pip said…
Hi Karinann,

I understand the paradox of the fingers-in-ears thing, and also knowing that I prefer the sound of the Good Shepherd's voice. I am glad He understands too, that this is part of our journey of growth :)
Karinann said…
Thank you both for your comments. I too am glad that the Good Shepherd is also a patient Shepherd.
Anonymous said…
The Good Shepherd is patient and solicitous, going to the ends of the earth -- and even to the center of the earth ("He descended into hell") -- to retrieve the rebel sheep.

Beautiful post, Karinann. By the way, I fixed the link to the Passionist Nuns' vocation video on my blog. Hope that you enjoy it!

In Jesu XPI Passio,
Mary333 said…
Ha! Well I too have stuck my fingers in my ears like a child having a tantrum many times! Actually, I did it half my life and probably still do :) Great post, I could really relate to it! I love thinking of Jesus as the Good Shepherd and I have no doubt that He will lead us safely home. He may have to pull a few fingers from the ears of his sheep though.
Karinann said…
Thanks David and Mary for your comments.
Mary, I am glad we both have fewer tantrums these days :)
David, He certainly was and is patient with me- it took me a long time to accept my place back in the fold. Thanks for the fixed link; I'll definitely go back and check out the video.
God Bless you both.