Our Lady And The Blessed Sacrament

Throughout this month I have been posting various writings and quotes related to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. I would be remiss in these posts if I did not devote a post to Our Blessed Mother. She is after all the Mother of our Lord, and it is her yes that gave Our Lord His flesh and blood.
It is also Mary's role and purpose to draw us closer to her Son. She is always pointing us in His direction. She loves nothing better than to intercede on our behalf in our prayers asking her to draw us closer to Jesus.
It is for this reason I believe that devotion to Our Blessed Mother goes hand in hand, or maybe heart to heart, with devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
St Peter Julian Eymard is often called the Apostle of the Eucharist has written extensively on the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist. He also had great devotion to Our Lady. In fact Our Lady called him to found the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, a group of men who would dedicate themselves to adoration of Our Lord in the Eucharist. This saint was convinced that it was Mary who led him to the priesthood, from being a diocesan priest to the religious congregation of the Marists, and that it was Our Lady who forced him to leave the happiness he had known in the Marists to begin organizing the orders dedicated to Our Lord in the Eucharist. It is because of all this he gave her the title of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.
In looking at my own life, I too can see how Mary was instrumental in leading me back to her Son. She is our Mother as well and wants the best for us. This is why she always points to Jesus. Fr. John Corapi has said the shortest path to Jesus is through His Mother. I believe he is right. She will show us how to love and follow Him.
You can read more on Our Lady and the Blessed Sacrament here.


Anne said…
Karinann, throughout this past year as I have been following your blog, I have been picking up on a theme. It seems to me that you are growing more deeply devoted to our Blessed Mother. It gives me a thrill to read this post, your words are tender and sweet. I'm sure our Blessed Mother is thrilled as well!
Gabriella said…
The shortest path to Jesus is through His mother - how I love that!
Karinann said…
Gabriella- I loved that quote the first time I heard Fr. Corapi say it as well.

Anne- It's funny you said what you did. As I was writing this post last night, I started to have that same thought. I am someone who would not consider herself intensely devoted to Our Lady. I think both she and Jesus both realize that I have struggled with devotion to Mary and they have drawn me slowly and subtly. Your comment somewhat confirms this. Thanks for the encouragement.

God bless you both!
Beautiful Karinann! You're absolutely correct. The Mother of God can only make us closer to Jesus. How could she not!
Colleen said…
Beautiful post. And yes, you do sound like you are growing in your devotion to Mary. God bless!
pip said…
In my own journey too, Our Lady has been prominent in leading me to Jesus, as have many of our saintly family in heaven. Now all of us work together, or at least I try to, as the 'weakest link' lol :)
Karinann said…
Colleen and Pip- thanks for your comments.
Pip, I think I may be tied with you for that weakest link title :)
Blessings to you both!