I have always thought that one of God's most amazing and beautiful gifts to us is the sunrise. I often go back and forth between which is my favorite, sunrise or sunset. Truth be known I can't choose. However, I was desperately wanting to give this blog a complete makeover. I wanted simplicity and beauty all in one. Both a sunrise and a sunset offer those things.
When I came across this beautiful background of a sunrise, I knew I had found what I was looking for. For me a sunrise is a sign of hope and faith ~the hope that a new beginning brings and faith that even on a cloudy day, the sun still shines.
Some of my favorite sunrises have been those I have been privileged to witness as I walk along the beach during my silent retreat each year. The picture to the right is one of them. I live on the East coast so the sun rises over the ocean. It is truly a breathtaking and awesome (I use that word in its truest meaning) sight.
When I started this blog a year and a half ago, I wanted it to be something that gave glory to God, and expressed my love for Him and my faith in Him. Hopefully it has done that. The fact that over 350 posts later, I am still writing leads me to believe that it has to some degree.
When people visit, I want them to get a sunrise, both literally in the background, but also figuratively in what they read. Now my writing is by no means awe inspiring, but hopefully you will find hope, faith and a little love as well.
Thank you to all my faithful readers and those of you who have joined me most recently. I pray you enjoy your time here.
God Bless!


Anne said…
The background is fabulous-the best I've seen anywhere! Love this and congratulations on posting for a year and a half! Your blog truly does give glory to God!
Colleen said…
Beautiful blog!!I really like it! No surprise to you I am sure!
pip said…
Your 41st follower is awakening to the sunrise of your blog! Well done for creating it :)
Karinann said…
Thank you all for your kind words on my new look.
Anne- I didn't really design much- just found something i liked and then made adjustments to colors and fonts.

Colleen- You're right- no surprise- glad you like it.

An Pip my 41st follower I'm glad you liked the sunrise you awakened to this morning :)