St Anselm

St Anselm was Archbishop of Canterbury and is a Doctor of the Church. He is known as the Doctor of Scholasticism. He wrote extensively and while extremely learned, he is remembered by those who knew him for his great love.
In researching this great saint, I found many of his writings to be very long and even a bit difficult to get through. However, I found  his Lord God, I Am Dazzled At the Brightness of Your Light from his Proslogion to be quite moving and thought I would share an excerpt from that work with you for this post.
An interesting note on his becoming one of the 33 Doctors of the Church~ he is one of only five who were named a Doctor without a decree by a pope or council.
There is much for us to learn from the saints and especially those who have been named as Doctors of the Church.
St Anselm, pray for us!


Anne said…
Thank you Karinann for that link. You are right, it is quite moving!