More On The Holy Father

Father Robert Barron gives his thoughts on the abuse being hurled against Pope Benedict XVI. One of the things that he said that struck me most is that they are going after the one man in the world who can do the most to solve the problem (sexual abuse scandals).
Anyone who has read this blog over time knows that I am a fan of Fr. Barron; he truly has his eyes and ears and soul on the heart of the pertinent topics of the day.
You can read his article on his Word On Fire blog. The end of his post also gives some other links relating to this topic.
As I said in my previous post today, the best thing we as the faithful can do is pray, and if called to give a well formed and informed response to these attacks against the Holy Father. The links given at the end of Fr. Barron's post will help with that. The one thing I don't think we should be doing is stooping to the level of those dishing out the attacks with our own "mudslinging". Remember Jesus told us that we must pray for our enemies. Certainly not easy, but necessary.


Colleen said…
Thank you for this info. I actually posted on my survivor blog about this controversy. I had found one of the links that Father Barron mentioned, and I felt much better after reading it. I agreed with most of what Father Barron said. One thing bothered me though. He appeared to be blindly defending some of those bishops who covered up the abuse. This was the worst part of the scandal for me in 2002 - the cover-up. I am disappointed with his remarks on that. Just wanted to point that out. God bless!
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen,
I actually went back and reread Fr. Barron's post. I agree with you about his comments on the bishops. I think saying that the bishops did not knowingly or maliciously hold things back was an outrageous statement was bit extreme on Father's part. Unfortunately I think many bishops knew more than they led us to believe.
I am going to check out your post on your survivor blog.
Colleen said…
Thanks, Karinann. I am glad you see that too. I feel like I am alone with stuff like this sometimes.
I think I will post more on this on my Catholic blog today or tomorrow. I also commented to Father Barron about that. I have reached the point where I cannot let things like that go. I read a great book about the scandal, a good piece of investigative reporting with facts and proof to back everything up. It is called Our Fathers. Pretty thick book so it is not light reading. It dealt mostly with Boston where the whole thing broke open in 2002. Anyway I suggested Father Barron read it. I am getting brave in my old age! :)
Karinann said…
Good for you Colleen! Maybe you should add this onto your What healed looks like list :) I just left you a comment on that excellent post. Great list!
In order for God to heal this mess the abuse created, the bishops have to come clean with everything without it turning into a witch hunt and do their best to make things as right as they can. The voice of abuse survivors who have received healing can only help to shed light and aid in the overall healing.
Thank you for your courage!
Colleen said…
Thanks, my friend.