St Bartholomew: A Little Known Apostle

There is much mystery surrounding this Apostle; very little is known about him. Scripture mentions him in the Gospels (Matt. 10:3, Mark 3:18, Luke 6:14) Nathaniel is mentioned in John's Gospel as one being without guile. Many scholars believe Nathaniel and Bartholomew to be the same person.
Whatever the case, I always remember St Bartholomew's feast day because I was born on this day. I am also always intrigued by the feast days people's birthdays fall on. In my own case, I kind of like that guilelessness associated with this saint. I am often told that I am a "what you see is what you get" kind of person.
But this is not about me, but about this saint.
He was believed to be martyred, but even the method of his martyrdom is unsure. Some say he was beheaded, some say he was flayed alive and crucified head down, some say he was both flayed and beheaded. Again the means does not matter, but that he gave his life for Christ does. This too is another example of his I would like to follow (although not the flaying and beheading part!).
St Bartholomew, pray and intercede for us; may no guile be found in us.


Happy Birthday Karinann. I wish you all the best for the year ahead and beyond.

God bless.
Anne said…
Happy birthday! I think it's wonderful that you share your birthday with the feast of such a faithful saint! The homily I heard this morning did mention his death (too gruesome!), but also as you say, we know little about Bartholomew or why he is also known as Nathaniel. What Fr. did say was that regardless of what we know or do not know, one thing is sure-he was a man of faith-and in the end that is the most wonderful thing that could ever be said about any of us!
Robert B said…
Happy Birthday Karinann!

I'll say a prayer to St. Bartholomew for you this evening. Though we do not know a great deal about him, we know that Jesus picked him to be one of the 12 Apostles, the foundation of the Church. He therefore must be a great saint.

One day in heaven, we will be treated to the story of St. Bartholomew and other great saints. Until then we keep the memory of this man, whom God chose from before time as an apostle and who made the heroic sacrifice of his own life for his Lord.
Karinann said…
Thank you Victor for the birthday wishes.

Anne and Robert thank you for your birthday wishes and prayers as well as for your thoughts on this great Apostle and saint.

Blessings to you all.