New Blogs For 2010

 Mary at The Beautiful Gate had this great idea to get the word out about new Catholic blogs discovered in 2010. Along with Victor at  Time For Reflection, she came up with this meme. Victor has tagged me, so it is my pleasure to give you the links to two wonderful Catholic blogs I discovered recently.

1. Come, Holy Spirit from Fr. Michael Slusz is a wellspring of good, solid catholic teaching and insight.

2.Robert's Sparrow's Dwelling also offers beautifully written Catholic reflection

Both of these blogs are solidly Catholic and pleasure to visit. Please stop by to see for your self.

Now it is my turn to tag two of my fellow bloggers.

Anne at Imprisoned In My Bones and Michael at Reach Paradise you have been tagged ! :)

Oops! Anne I just realized Victor tagged you as well. So in that case I will also tag Judy at BenMakesTen

Thanks to Mary and Victor for their joint efforts in this fun and informative Meme.


Mary333 said…
I like your "Read all about it" pic, Karin :) Wow! You, Colleen, and Victor sure are speedy! You would not believe how long it takes me to get even one post up. Or...perhaps you would ;) I forgot for a minute that you helped me with a linking problem (which I thank you for as it has been an immense help to me).

These are wonderful blogs and ones that I am certainly going to read regularly. I was drawn in by the very first post I read on Sparrow's Dwelling! A keeper for sure!

There really are some amazing new blogs, aren't there? Victor's idea to pass this around was excellent. We will all benefit from this!
Karinann said…
Glad you liked my picture and links. Glad mt linking tutorial helped. Again this is a wonderful collaborative effort on the part of you and Victor. Yes we certainly will all benefit greatly from this!
God bless!
Anne said…
Thanks for the almost-tag Karinann! You're sweet! I look forward to exploring the blogs you have mentioned-I have never heard of them before!
Karinann said…
Thanks Anne- didn't want to
over-tag :)
Robert B said…
Thank you for the endorsement, Karinann. I enjoy your blog tremendously. I always take away something valuable from reading it.
Karinann said…
Robert, You are welcome and thank you for your kind words on my blog.
God Bless!