Reclaiming Lost Fatherhood

 I found a video on men and abortion over at Fr. James Farfaglia's blog.(See link at end of post) The video is put out by Human Life International and it explains and describes the effects abortion has on men; it also gives some staggering statistics.
It is only recently that research and discussion has begun to take place regarding men and abortion. Many often think this is solely a woman's issue; I can tell you first hand it is not.
After my own healing I was able to recognize my husband's symptoms of post abortion syndrome. His denial that the abortion bothered him led to unhealthy and immoral behavior. Eventually our marriage failed.
In my work with Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, I see the beautiful healing that takes place when men come on the retreats to receive the healing they so desperately need. When couples come together, amazing positive changes and growth occur in their marriages.
It takes great courage for anyone to seek healing, but I sometimes think it takes more for men because they have been taught for so long by our society to deny their feelings. The men who make these retreats are my heroes and I tell them so.
Kevin Burke, co-founder with his wife, Dr. Theresa Burke, of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries has written a beautiful book on the effects of abortion on men. The book is Redeeming a Father's Heart. In it, men share their beautifully powerful stories of pain, loss, and recovery.
Men and women are created equally in God's image and in dignity, but we are very different past that. Men and women do not process things the same way nor do we feel the same way.
If you are a man reading this and in need of healing, please know that it is out there. If you are a woman and know of a man in need of healing, please share this with him.
As women, we need the men in our lives to be healthy and strong spiritually as well as emotionally and physically. The wound of abortion wounds all three of those areas.
For more information on the book I mentioned above, as well as more information on how and where to receive help, you can visit the Rachel's Vineyard website.
Thanks again to Fr. Farfaglia for posting the excellent video. You can see the video by visiting his blog, Illegitimi non carborundum


Mary333 said…
I'm glad that there is a book aimed at the healing of the fathers and that the Rachel's Vineyard Ministries understands this deep need. Maybe not all men understand how abortion wounds both the mother and the father but it's good that there is help for those who do see this.
Karinann said…
Thanks Mary and Victor. Men have been ignored in this for far too long; they are a critical part of the healing.
Colleen said…
Great post. Good for men to read and know about. Hugs!