A Week With God And The Sea

It is that time of year for me again, at long last! Time for my annual silent retreat by the sea. I look forward to this week each year, and by God's grace, He has given me the time to make this retreat for the last five years.
There is nothing like the quiet and the freshness of the sea. In my humble opinion, the sea is one of God's greatest gifts in all of creation.
Our Lord always spoils me rotten during these six days; I hear Him and sense His presence in ways I don't usually.
I was going to try and schedule some posts for the week, but then thought my writing could use a retreat as well. I will see you all back here after Sept. 16, hopefully with some more pictures and reflections inspired by my time of quiet and prayer.
Please keep me in your prayers as you will all be in mine.
God Bless!


Mary333 said…
What a blessing! May the Lord continue to spoil you rotten :) You are in my prayers!
christopher said…
God bless you Karinann, have a wonderful trip :)
A safe, joyful, blessed time to you my friend! We'll miss you and look forward to your return.
Robert B said…
Good for you! :) There's nothing like the sea. We'll look forward to your reflections when you get back. Prayers that you have a great retreat, pray for us too.
Karinann said…
Thank you all for all your well wishes and prayers. Be assured you will be in mine as well.
Bon voyage et au revoir.

God bless.
Michael said…
Sounds wonderful! Enjoy! God Bless.
Colleen said…
I will be praying for you. Hugs.
De Liliis said…
And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven, as it were for half an hour.

Revelation 8:1