Some Sea Posts

Last year when I returned home from retreat, I was somewhat inspired to make a place for my reflections on the sea. I started a blog that I really didn't intend to be a blog, but more of a visual journal where I could put all my sea thoughts.
Well a year later it is still around. I don't post much to it, but will from time to time when I have taken a trip to the sea or find an amusing sea related finding.
The title, The Voice of the Lord Is Upon The Water, is taken from Psalm29. As I promised in my last post here, I would share some reflections. You can find two of them over at the above mentioned blog. They are nothing much but just some thoughts I had while visiting one of my favorite places in all God's creation. As I say in one of the posts: The sea speaks volumes!"
For my more recent readers, you will also find posts from last year's retreat as well as sundry other sea related tidbits. For my longer time and faithful readers, thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy these two most recent posts there.
A slide show of my pictures can be found on the Photo Gallery Page on The Voice of the Lord... You can view them as stills or click the slideshow icon if you wish. For this years pictures be sure to scroll to the second photo album; the first is last year's.
If you have been reading this blog for at least the last year or so, you are accustomed to my Sunday Meditations, usually based on the Gospel for that Sunday. This Sunday I may share another of my reflections from retreat instead. (We'll see what the Holy Spirit wishes!)
You can check out The Voice of the Lord... anytime by clicking its link on my sidebar under Posts of Interest.
Thank you to all my readers, followers and commenters for your comments and encouragement.
Enjoy and God bless!