Our Personal Crosses

An illness, a handicap, poverty, loss, betrayal, loneliness... My Lord, the list could go on. Each of us has his own cross to bear, for some there is more than one. As we see it being handed to us, there are several things we could do; we could throw it aside somehow and step over or around it, we could look for someone else to take it for us. That may be our first instinct~ try to avoid it somehow. But doing this makes the cross heavier and more difficult to bear.
If we follow You and do as You ask, picking up that personal cross You so lovingly hand us with Your own nail scarred hands, our faith will lead us, the cross will become one we are able to actually embrace because we see that it leads to You.
My Lord God, You embraced the ultimate cross~ the one we could never bear because of our sinfulness. You bore Your cross for love of the Father and each of us. You died on the cross for us; You ask us to embrace our cross and die to ourselves and the ways of this world.
You have made it clear that there is no other way to come to You. Everything else, even our very selves must not be put before You.
Our own personal cross; You knew, Lord, the ones that each of us would need to carry~ would be able to carry, in order to follow You to the Father. May our crosses lead us home.


Colleen said…
Beautiful reflection and prayer. And I love that last line! "May our crosses lead us home." Amen! Hugs and hope you have a blessed Sunday!
Robert B said…
The more we embrace the Cross the sweeter it becomes. How hard it is sometimes to remember that our crosses are given to us with Love! Thank you for this beautiful reminder. Indeed, may our Crosses lead us home.
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen and Robert- blessings to you both.
Mary333 said…
This is a beautiful meditation and prayer. I wish I could claim that I've borne all my crosses gracefully but it wouldn't be true. I used to fight and resent my crosses until I realized that they got heavier if you didn't accept them! Even now I don't know that I'd call my acceptance a loving embrace but rather a peaceful resignation after a few grumbles :) Maybe this will change as I grow in Christ. Prayer seems to help me in this area. With a lot of prayer I seem to be able to be more joyful during tough times but if my prayer life backslides I don't do well.
Karinann said…
Thanks for your honest thoughts on this. Peaceful resignation is the best I can do most times as well. I am always in awe of how the saints were able to be joyful in their crosses. Prayer is definitely the key.
Thanks again and God bless!
Christ tried to avoid the Cross. And then He said "Thy will be done".

God bless.
Anne said…
Wonderful reflection! Ditto to the comments about the last line.
Karinann said…
Thanks Victor and Anne. Victor, so true, it is easy to forget hat Christ tried to avoid the cross, but did the Father's will and embraced it.
paramedicgirl said…
Ditto for what Mary333 said. It is so hard to bear our crosses with love; we are too busy grumbling about the inconveniences we suffer. Then, too late, we realize we have wasted a heavenly grace.

God, have mercy on me and perfect my soul, one cross at a time.