God In The Unexpected

You are the God of the unexpected, the God of surprises. You come to me in countless ways.
I see You in a sunrise, in the crash of ocean waves, and in the gentle breeze that seems to be Your breath on my face. These are the things in which I have come to expect You.
Just when I seem comfortable in knowing just where You will be, You come in ways unexpected~ the smile of a stranger, the embrace of a friend, or in the words of a song.
Relationship with You is never routine; You keep it fresh and alive, and You always seem to know what will get my attention.
I don't need earthquakes or lightning bolts. You have taught me to hear You in the silence and in the soft whisper of the wind.


Michael said…
And I believe He just came to me through your blog :)

God Bless you
Colleen said…
Sigh. Beautiful. Thank you. Hugs and blessings, Karinann.
Colleen said…
One more thing - Amen to what Michael said.
Amen. Unexpected is exactly the right word!
mary333 said…
This is lovely, Karin!
Karinann said…
Thanks for your kind words everyone. I love today's reading from 1Kings and was so inspired by it.