People Get Ready

I have been thinking a lot about fear these last few days, not because I am afraid, but because a great many others seem to be. It has got me to wondering about two things: 1) Why am I not afraid?, and 2) Why do so many seem to be afraid?
This last week and the next few days have brought and will bring my part of the country a few surprises. On Tuesday, we here in the Northeast experienced what may have been our first earthquake. Here in NJ it amounted to nothing more than a 30 second tremor.  A little freaky I have to admit, but nothing to go into a panic over, but you'd be surprised (or maybe not) at the overboard reactions of some.
This weekend, hurricane Irene is planning to visit. Again here in NJ we will probably get lots of wind and rain, but yet there are those around me who seem to feel the end is near. I don't know, maybe it is, but that's my point exactly~even if it is, I am not afraid and I know why. I am ready, not perfectly, but enough so that I know in Whom and where my faith lies.
So it occurred to me that if this is why I am not afraid, it is probably the same reason why so many are afraid. These fearful souls are not ready, they have put their faith  and trust either in themselves, or are of the belief that all of life is random and we are just victims of circumstance.
Today's Gospel about the ten virgins is a perfect example of how being ready can alleviate our irrational fears. Five virgins were ready and prepared in advance with the needed oil to meet the Bridegroom, and five were not~they became fearful when they were locked out of the wedding feast.
I did a search to see how many times the phrase "Do not fear" appears in Sacred Scripture; it turns out that it appears 365 times! That is pretty much a daily reminder, one for each day of the year, that if we put our faith and trust in God, who is in control of everything, we have no reason to fear.
So earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, while they can be devastating, and by no means am I trying to minimize the suffering many endure from natural disasters, there is hope in the face of all of it. That hope is in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who told us not to fear many of those 365 times because He promised to be with us always.

*Musical Note: I don't usually post secular music, but this soulful version of People Get Ready by Rod Stewart with Jeff Beck on guitar is a good one and fits well with the theme of my post, so don't be afraid to enjoy this one.


Colleen said…
Karinann, amen! I live in Florida and deal with hurricanes all the time. I sat through one that scared me half to death. But since then, I no longer fear them. I saw God everywhere that day and was convinced that I had nothing to fear from anything. Ever. You are in my prayers! Hugs!
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen. Living in North Carolina for 3+ years of my life has toughened me up a bit as far as hurricanes go and with God knowing He's got us all, I think I will sit back and enjoy His show.
Prayers for you down there as well; it seems like the whole East Coast is getting a visit from Irene. Hugs back :)
I can't say I am completely free from fear, but I do say wholeheartedly, "Lord Jesus Come! Let your Kingdom Come!" I think I still fear suffering especially if it is suffering of people I love. This is why the suffering of Mary watching Jesus suffer or St. Sophia watching the torture of her young girls gives me the deepest sighs. I am confident that God sustains us at these times and the future glory and happiness will make us forget it, still, not complete free of fear yet.

I forgot about his version of the song. I've more recently listened to Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers reggae version.
Daily Grace said…
Your post is such a perfect reflection on today's Gospel. Your peace and trust in the Father really shines through.

Thank you Karinann
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen(@ID) and DG.
Colleen, I'm not saying I am never afraid, but lately I've been seeing a lot of unhealthy and irrational fear from people who don't believe in God or simply don't trust Him. Before my return to Christ I would probably be shaking in my boots too right along with them. You are a woman of great faith; that is evident from your writing-God will work with that kind of faith.

I thank God for His gift of faith every day; I'd be out on a ledge somewhere without it.

Thank you both for your thoughts and comments.
mary333 said…
Some people claimed to feel the earthquake all the way up here in NH. I didn't feel a thing myself. I think when I was younger we had a hurricane hit up here but I don't really remember it. I'm not worried either - God has things well in hand. Doesn't mean I won't pray about it though :)

Great song! Did you ever hear Rod Stewart's song Broken Arrow? It always makes me think of Jesus when I hear it.
Karinann said…
I will be praying too Mary. I haven't heard Broken Arrow in awhile-will have to listen to it again with Catholic ears.