Around The Blogosphere

First up in this edition of Around the Blogosphere is a new e-book from fellow Catholic blogger, Victor at Time For Reflections. Victor's latest e-book is Fr. Ignatius Teaches. If you have ever visited Victor's blog, you have surely read a post or two featuring the kind and wise priest, Fr. Ignatius. Victor is offering a free download of his e-book. Click the book's title above to find out more. Thank you for this generous offer, Victor.

Next, Mary at The Beautiful Gate has a series of posts that really are a must read. In The Kingdom of Darkness; Reality? Whose? Mine or Yours?; and The Kingdom of Light, Mary courageously writes about our need to heed the "wake up call" of the Holy Spirit. The second post is really a segue into the last. While they each stand on their own, you really should read all three (if you haven't already).

Finally, this link is from the Catholic News Agency. They report on Pope Benedict XVI's homily for Divine Mercy Sunday in which the Holy Father talks about Holy Mass is an encounter with the risen Jesus.



Colleen said…
Thank you for these links! Hugs and blessings!
Thank you Karinann for mentioning my E Book.

May God bless you always.
mary333 said…
Thank you for linking to my posts, Karin, and for sharing the other links. God bless!