A Lifting Of The Veil

There are certain things that this side of heaven we will never know or understand, but I do believe that God is always revealing Himself to us in any number of ways on a daily basis~we just need to open the eyes of our souls to see how He is doing so.
As I entered into Holy Week this year, I asked Jesus to let me stay by His side and walk with Him through each of the days of that blessed week. He was more ready to answer that prayer than I would have thought. It was as if I had found myself transported back to Jerusalem to that first Holy Week. Now before you go deleting me from your blog list because you think I've gone round the bend, fear not, I am not talking private revelations or anything like that. I just mean it was like God lifted or parted the veil that separates our world from heaven's. I steeped myself in the Scriptures that week, putting myself in those scenes~especially those of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. I woke up on Holy Saturday barely able to contain the Easter joy that was already bubbling inside of me, but knew I needed to stay in the tomb with Jesus until that evening's Easter Vigil.
After Holy Thursday or perhaps tied with it, the Easter Vigil is my favorite Mass of the Liturgical year, and this year I felt that Easter joy more than I have in past years.
I am not sure why this is. Maybe it started with that simple prayer prayed at the beginning of Holy Week. Whatever the reason, I am just grateful for those graces.
As we enter the Easter season, I am asking Jesus once again to let me walk with Him through these last fifty days He spent on this earth. I am asking Him to once again lift that veil just a little more. A bold prayer perhaps, but why not? I know He has heard it and will answer according to how He sees fit.
Holy Week and the Easter season are wonderful times filled with special graces, but God parts the veil every time Mass is offered. We enter into the Paschal Mystery every time. The veil is parted and we are at Calvary. This too is a time of special graces, especially when we receive Our Lord in Holy Communion. He wants to give us so many graces and He will if we are properly disposed to receive them.
As we read and hear the readings from The Acts of the Apostles during these fifty days, let us ask Our Lord to lift that veil, let us ask the intercession of the Apostles who bore witness to Christ's Resurrection so that we too can bear witness to it in our own time. Finally, let us ask Our Lady's intercession each time we assist at Mass so that we may be properly disposed to receive all the graces her Son wants to lavish upon our souls.
May God continue to bless us with the graces of this Easter season, and may we use them to His greater glory.


Caroline said…
Beautiful post Karinann. I'm counting on the special graces of this Easter season to give me more faith, hope and love that I may be a stronger witness for our Lord. +
Patricia said…
Karin, what a beautiful reflection! Thank you! I'm so happy for you...hearing of the great graces Jesus granted you this Lent and Easter. He did say, "Ask and you shall receive.." He wants to give so much more than we ever think to ask for. I will join you in asking Him to lift the veil during these last days He spent on earth.

BTW, your blog looks gorgeous! It has Easter beauty and spring daisies. Love it!

God bless you Karin!
Happy Easter Season!

Karinann said…
Thanks Caroline and Patricia. A blessed and grace filled Easter Season to you both.
Colleen said…
Beautiful article. I love that lifting of the veil. I felt that joy at the Easter vigil too. Just pure joy! God bless!
Karinann said…
Glad you felt the Easter joy at the vigil too, Colleen.
God bless.
mary333 said…
God loves bold and confident prayers. This is a great post, Karin. I am glad He gave you these beautiful glimpses and lifted the veil for you :)

I loved the section on the Mass!!
Karinann said…
Thanks Mary. That little section on the Mass I could really write entire posts on~still may expand on that point~will see where the Spirit leads.
Colleen @ ID said…
I enjoyed this beautiful, heartfelt post too, Karin. There is power in the resurrection.
Karinann said…
There certainly is, Colleen. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Anne said…
Love this Karinann! What a glorious blessing to peek behind the veil and feel closer to the Lord than ever before! Off the deep end, you are not-only deeper in love with the Lord, that's clear! Wishing you a continuation of your Easter joy!
Karinann said…
Thanks Anne. Continued Easter blessings to you and your family as well.