In The Arms Of An Angel

Abortion Survivor Meets Nurse Who Saved Her was a feature article on LifeNews. It is the story of Melissa Ohden who survived a failed saline infusion abortion 34 years ago and Michelle Lehr, the nurse who held her and rocked her back to life. They met, after all these years, at a Vitae Foundation banquet. What a wonderful gift for both of these ladies who work and speak in defense of life.
You can read the story here.


mary333 said…
What an incredible story, Karin!
Nancy Shuman said…
Thank you so much for providing a link to this story. I'd heard of Melissa and had wanted to learn more about her. Wow.

Your blog is beautiful!
Karinann said…
I thought so too Mary.

Nancy, This is the first I had heard of Melissa. I was glad I stumbled upon this story.
Thanks for your kind words about my blog and welcome.
Colleen said…
Awesome story. Thank you!