Holy Darkness, Holy Waiting

Caravaggio: Putting Christ in the Tomb

The sun has set on Good Friday and darkness has set in. We have spent time with our Savior in the Upper Room, spent an hour or two in the Garden where His agonizing Passion began, and we walked the road to Calvary with Him and watched as He was nailed to a cross.
It is now Saturday~Holy Saturday, and we wait. This is a different waiting than others we experience because this waiting is filled with hope not just wishful thinking. The sun may have risen this morning but our hearts still remain dark for the Son has not yet risen. That darkness will remain with us until the Holy Fire is lit at Easter Vigils around the world tonight. The fire that announces that Christ has and is risen.
It would be easy to get caught up in the busy~ness of this day, forgetting what it is all about. Let's not desert Jesus as He lay in the tomb, but rather let us wait with Him and for Him in this holy darkness with holy anticipation of the joy that awaits us today and into eternity.


Michael said…
Nice reminder. I always wondered what today was like for the Apostles. I imagine it was a giant mix of wonder, confusion, fear, and questions.

Have a blessed Easter!
Patricia said…
Beautiful reflection, Karin. Wish I had read it yesterday, because unfortunately, I DID get caught up in the busy-ness.

Love the picture!

Colleen said…
I love this. I feel the exact same way about this day. I like to call it "tomb-time." That time we wait for something to happen - new life, resurrection! God bless!