The Cost of Those Silver Pieces

Thirty pieces of silver~that's what he sold you out for; that's what he sold his own soul for. His heart too hardened, his ears too clogged by the voices of the powers of the day and time, his eyes too blinded by the gloss and shine of those thirty pieces of silver. Had he only allowed Your love into his heart, your message into his ears, and the scales to fall from his eyes by Your loving gaze.
I too have at times in my life have sold you out, and sold my soul. My ears too clogged by the shouting of the masses holding out their thirty pieces of silver in the form of convenience, lust, riches and power. By Your grace, I allowed myself to accept Your gift of salvation and be washed clean by Your Precious Blood.
So many today still remain blinded, some deliberately choosing to do so. Lord, if they only knew.
Satan's offering only cost him thirty pieces of silver, and in return the traitor found despair and death. Your offering cost You everything You had down to Your last drop of blood, and in return, for those who accept Your gift, a life of eternal joy and happiness is found. May all come to know and accept, with loving gratitude and humility, the saving power of Your love.