Approaching The King

Jesus, my Lord, God and King,
You give Yourself freely and completely to me, sinner that I am. 
You hold nothing back for Yourself. 
Your Sacred Body, Precious Blood, Your Soul and Divinity, all there behind the veils of bread and wine.
How do You, my King, wish to be received by one such as me?
And You answer:
Approach Me in poverty of spirit, as the widow who gave from her poverty.
Come to receive Me in your thirst, as the woman at Jacob's well who longed for the Living Water.
Stand before Me in humility, as Peter did when He asked Me to depart from him, a sinful man, but as I never left him, know that I will not leave you.
Come and kneel at My feet with the love and attentiveness of Mary Magdalen.
When You approach Me in this way, emptied of the trappings of the world, I will fill your spirit, quench your thirst, raise you in your humility and love you with an everlasting love.
You will want for nothing, and I Who give everything in the Sacrament of My love,
 will be praised and glorified.