Remember, He's Here Too

Last night I went to my parish's Adoration Chapel for my Thursday night Holy Hour for priests. I arrived at the chapel just before our 7pm Mass so it was quite crowded. The chapel is small; it holds about 8 to 10 people comfortably. More can squeeze in if you don't mind pulling up a space on the floor.
As the time for Mass approached, the chapel emptied a bit. After the Mass ended the crowds came back even more so to the point of it being uncomfortable. Now I realize I am not there for my own comfort, but what you must know is I am a woman who needs her space! At this point I was just plain old distracted. I mean between the cute old ladies whispering the Rosary (this is like nails on a blackboard to me!) and just all the shuffling around; I couldn't take another minute. That's when it hit me~the church is now empty save for those waiting in the back for confession and a few people who remained to pray awhile. I picked myself up and went into church.
Ah~sweet peace and my Lord there in the tabernacle. Once again I was a happy woman.
Don't get me wrong; I'm glad lots of people come to spend time with Jesus. I myself love praying before Him exposed in the monstrance, but sometimes I forget that prayer before Him in the tabernacle is just as efficacious.
I was amazed at the peace I felt during those last 30 minutes praying in church. I know I shouldn't have let all that was going on in the chapel distract me;what can I say besides I am a weak creature and I will work on it.
All I am trying to say here is that I need to remember our Lord does not care where we come to Him as long as we come.
Remember, He's in the tabernacle too.


Colleen said…
I can relate. I need space too. Great post. Good reminder that Jesus is present in the tabernacle, too. In fact He is everywhere! And if we can't be at Adoration, we can still be with Him.
Linda said…
Amen! Take me with you mystically next time! Okay?
Have a blessed day!
~ Judy ~ said…
Good thing you have a parish where you can SEE the tabernacle and Our Lord hasn't been shoved to the side in a "closet" area like in some modern day churches!
Thanks for reminding us that the point is to go to doesn't matter where or when...just to go and BE.

I know! The noise seems amplified when trying to pray! I agree with Judy. Our tabernacle is in a side chapel, but I'm glad He is there. Thanks for letting us know we're not alone when it comes to the distractions.
JPieters said…
I think St. Therese used to be annoyed to no end by rosary beads and whispers, too... so you're in good company. I try to see distractions as an opportunity to show my love for Jesus by staying focused... the biggest challenge is when the church organist decides to practice during my holy hour which happens a lot... and then I just have to laugh at God's sense of humor and sing along quietly. :)