What Do I Know Of Holy?

What do I know of holy? That's a really good question when I go beyond the surface of it. As I have said before in other posts, God often speaks to me through music and He has done so once again.
I was driving home from work the other day and I heard a song by the Christian group, Addison Road. The song explored this question a little more deeply and it got me to thinking about my own relationship with Christ. Like any relationship, I can be guilty of taking this amazing relationship for granted. I can also at times make Jesus to be more of what my small perception of Him is or simply what I want or think He should be; as the song says. "I make You too small."

I need to remember He is so much more than I can ever imagine and I need to let Him reveal himself to me as He sees fit. Granted, this side of heaven my knowledge and perception will remain limited. All our Lord wants from me is an open heart to allow Him to be who He truly is. I need to not limit Him; I need to seek Him in everyone and everything. Jesus is the Father's love revealed. That thought alone is sometimes more than my human mind can grasp, but that's OK because all I have to do is accept it as truth and allow Jesus to reveal Himself to me in my life day by day, moment by moment. Somehow in doing this I think that when I finally do see Him face to face it may not be as if it is happening for the first time; I will behold my beloved and He will behold me.

So get comfortable and enjoy the song. I found a version with the lyrics so that you can appreciate what the song says along with the beautiful scenes of our God's creation.

What do I know of holy? Not as much as I thought...


Deanna said…
That is a beautiful song and I really enjoyed the music with the video!
You come up with some great videos, Karinann.
Like this alot.
God Bless,
Colleen said…
Great post. I have an award for you at my blog. God bless!
Anne said…
Beautiful Karinann-thank you so much for sharing this!
OLR Dad said…
Thanks, Karinann, for posting this awesome song. The world can definitely use more awe.