Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival~July 26th

To Join in Sunday Snippets head over to our hostess, RAnn's blog This That and the Other Thing for details and to read more posts by other Catholic bloggers.

This week for our Catholic Carnival I offer you first, What do I Know of Holy. This song of the same title is by a Christian group called Addison Road. The video is there along with my own reflections on what I know of holy~which is not too much!
The second post, Judge Not? is a response to a meditation/reflection I read by Abbot Joseph over at Word Incarnate. It speaks of the reality of absolute truth and our culture's concern about political correctness. Again my post is just my own response; Abbot Joseph's is the real treasure~be sure to read it. The link to Word Incarnate is in my Judge Not? post.
Enjoy the Carnival and have a Blessed Sunday!


Anne said…
Karinann, your blog is so lovely. I especially loved your post and prayer about the loaves and the fishes. I had never heard that quote from Pope Benedict, but I love it! "This is what I was waiting for!"