Sunday Snippets ~ A Catholic Carnival #12

This week is a bit a video version of Catholic Carnival. I hope everyone is having a happy and restful 4th.
First is This Is As Close To The Moon as I Will Ever Get. Not really a Catholic post, but this was just plain fun. I found it over at Astronomy Picture of the Day. Their link is in that post.
Next, Fr. Robert Barron shares his commentary on the new movie The Stoning of Soraya M. as well as his thoughts on Independence Day.
Speaking of Independence Day, I direct you to my Happy Birthday America post where I have written a prayer for our nation and also included a video of Lee Greenwood's Proud To Be An American.
Finally, as July is the month dedicated to The Precious Blood of Christ, look at the top of my sidebar for prayers for this devotion.
Have a Happy and Blessed Sunday!

Thanks to RAnn for hosting Sunday Snippets. Click the link to get to her site for details on how to join in and to read posts by other Catholic bloggers.