Bloodmoney~A Documentary

I found this over at David Marciniak's blog. Bloodmoney is a documentary that exposes the abortion industry. It also brings to light not only the cost in countless human unborn lives, but also the serious consequences and effects on the women who undergo abortions. As David says on his blog, "This could be big." I've posted a trailer below, but you can visit the home site of the film for details on the film and for information on how to get it distributed. This is a film that needs to be seen, perhaps now more than ever. Spread the word!
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Deanna said…
Dearest Karinann,
Blessings to you!
I graduated from High School in 1973,
the year that is on the sign.
Watched the video.
~ Judy ~ said…
Thank heart simply breaks for that woman who now realizes her culpability in the deaths of over 35,000 babies...God have mercy on her soul.
I am thankful for this film and will watch it in its entirety when it comes out.
Thanks Karinann
Okay Karinann, I tried to reblog this and did okay with the print, but I how do I get the video? I see the choice on my bar, but where am I uploading it from? Poor thing, you have to take me under your wing! :)

Powerful video. I read the book Bloodmoney. I'm not sure if this is affiliated with that or not. But I think the woman who is responsible for the 35,000 abortions may be the woman in the book.

Thank you for the post.