Fire of God's Love: A Catholic Company Review

Mike Aquilina has comprised a treasure of a book in Fire of God's Love:120 Reflections On The Eucharist. The book is a series of reflections and quotes on the Eucharist from saints, popes, clergy and laymen. This is a wonderful book to bring along to Eucharistic Adoration. I also find it a helpful aid in prayerfully preparing for Mass.
The amazing gift of Jesus' Eucharistic Presence goes beyond words, but as the back cover of this book states, "Science falters and poetry fails when we try to speak of the Eucharist, but across the centuries saints, theologians and ordinary Catholics have found words to express the inexpressible: Jesus, fully present, Body, Blood, soul and divinity, offers himself to humanity in this sacrament."
I wanted to include a short reflection from the book. I had a hard time choosing just one because they are all so beautiful and rich in their depth of meaning. I finally decided on a reflection by St. John Chrysostom. I think sometimes we forget the presence of the angels at Mass. St. John Chrysostom's brief reflection from his Ascension Homily is a beautiful reminder of the presence of these heavenly beings at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Ascension Homily: Angels At Mass

The angels are present here.The angels and the martyrs meet today. If you wish to see the angels and the martyrs, open the eyes of faith and look upon this sight. For if the very air is filled with angels, how much more so the Church! And if the Church is filled with angels, how much more is that true today when their Lord has risen into heaven! The whole air about us is filled with angels.

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Anne said…
Karinann, it is so comforting to think about angels all around us. Thanks for posting this!
Colleen said…
Good review. I visited Great place!! God bless.