Sunday Snippets ~ A Catholic Carnival ~Aug.16th

This week for Catholic Carnival, I offer you these snippets from my blogging this week, as well as a beautiful and important post written by Fr. Gordon MacRae of the Priests In Crisis and These Stone Walls.

I hope you enjoy and get something from all or any of these posts.
1. St. Maximilian Kolbe: Jan.8, 1894~Aug. 14, 1941~this post also has some related links to the saints biography as well as to those with prayers/information about the Militia Immaculata.

2. Not Everyone Is Prolife~this post is in response to a disturbing conversation I had with a close family member.

And from Fr. MacRae: From Crisis To Hope

Enjoy these posts and those written by other Catholic bloggers who join in the Catholic Carnival hosted each week by RAnn at This That and The Other Thing. Click the link for details on how to join in the blogging festivities.
Have a Blessed Sunday!


Anonymous said…
I read your story really sad! The baby is dead, you ditched the husband and you got rid of the friend in your story. You need prayer honey I am 85 years old and alone. Why am I alone? because I pushed people away and used them for my needs. You do the same things I do. I will pray for you. Cold people like us have a way of seeming kind but will cut off anyone if we don't need them. I do enjoy your posts however. You seem to try to love. It is beyond me how the most cold wicked people hide in the Church after leaving a trail of victims on the way to Mass.
Karinann said…
As I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have published this comment. I offer you my prayers as you seem to be in need of some yourself. However,while much of what you accuse me of was very true at one time, the icicles are beginning to melt. I will not engage in a defensive argument, so you have had your say and I do appreciate your honesty. Going forward if you would like to engage in a fruitful discussion you will identify yourself.
God bless.
Anne said…
I am glad that you did not delete the above comment. I think it took a lot of courage for her to write that, even anonymously. She is obviously in tremendous pain and is looking for some kind of comfort or support. Part of your story must have reminded her of her own life and it seems as if she is having trouble forgiving herself, and for that, she took it out on you.

There is nothing cold about you whatsoever. What I see in your words is someone kind and loving. I see someone looking to the future with hope. I see someone deeply, deeply in love with God. You have turned to Him and he is so delighted! He is even more crazy about you than you are of Him.

God bless you in your continued journey to the heart of God. I join you in prayer for your anonymous commenter. I am sure that underneath her pain there is a beautiful woman who longs for the freedom of forgiveness that you have found.
Karinann said…
Thanks Anne. I pray she sees your comment~ more for what you wrote about her than about me.
~ Judy ~ said…
God bless you Karinann...cutting off a relationship that is UNhealthy and co-dependent out of love for God ,compassion for the other person, and strength in your own healing, is NOT "pushing someone away and using them for your needs"...and if I remember correctly, you did NOT ditch your husband...HE filed for divorce and did the ditching (not accusing a man I've never met and praying for the healing of both...just making a point as to the comment's accusation). Sometimes in life, when we have faced the demons, accepted our culpability, and gone to Jesus on our knees for forgiveness and renewal, we end up having to make some really really difficult decisions, an outsider might seem selfish or even cruel...("Blessed are they who are persecuted for MY NAME'S SAKE, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs")..."Anonymous" writes with a very similar tone to another "anonymous" who came out attacking me on a different blog when I wrote about God sending graces to raise a large family....I wonder, actually, if it is the same person...a person who seems to have deep-seeded anger against the Catholic Church.
Regardless, to you I say "YOU ARE BLESSED"...your courage, your transparency, your honesty and integrity, and your compassion, empathy, and LOVE OF CHRIST are evident in all that you write...I admire you deeply in so many ways.
And to Anonymous I say, if you truly are 85, I applaud your computer skills...but if you truly are alone for having pushed others aside to suit your own needs your whole life...I pray that in the rest of your years on earth you find PEACE and RESTORATION and JOY.