Lord, To Whom Shall I Go

My Lord,
I too once found this a hard saying. I knew it was true, but also knew what it required of me.
It was too much to hear; it was too much to give up.
So I went with those who also could not bear these words from You.
I was left to search for words that were easy to hear and accept; to search for those who would lead me where I thought I wanted to go.
Nothing satisfied my deepest inner needs and longings. I went from one belief to another~all along looking for You on my terms.
I came up empty and lost at every turn.
Then one day I stopped and seemed to hear You more clearly than I ever had before. I had been everywhere and I was tired.
So I stopped to listen and heard You ask, "Will you leave again?"
My only reply could be, "No, my Lord. To Who else would I want to go. You have the only life~giving words."
I searched for so long and You were here in front of me all the while. It is to You I come~ on Your terms, not mine.
My Lord, to Whom but You would I ever want to go.
Reflection based on John 6:60~69