Catholics Come Home

I found an article at the Catholic News Agency(CNA) site this morning. The diocese of Sacramento, California is launching a Catholics Come Home ad campaign in order to reach out to fallen away Catholics. The campaign is designed to lead people to the website of the same name. I visited the site. It is friendly and easy to use. It isn't specific to the diocese of Sacramento, so anyone who is interested in any area can visit the site to gain information and to have some of their questions regarding the Catholic faith answered. There is also a section for non-Catholics who may be interested in becoming Catholic as well as a section for practicing Catholics who wish to help.
I realize I am basically preaching to the choir with this post, but you never know who may stumble upon your blog. You may also know of someone who is looking for a way to return or convert to the faith.
I know for myself when wanting to return, the internet provided a safe, non-intrusive way to begin my journey back. We all know the Enemy uses this widespread form of communication for his evil ends. We can turn the tables and use it for good and God's glory.
You can read the article about Sacramento's campaign here and then visit the Catholics Come Home site yourself. In addition to this post, I will place them among my Catholic Links on my sidebar.
There are so many small, but powerful ways to reach those looking for ways to return to God, this is definitely one of them. May the Holy Spirit work through those of us who continue to seek and know God and bring our lost brothers and sisters home.


Anne said…
Karinann, Milwaukee hosted a program like this several years ago called "Come Home". What a great idea!
Gabriella said…
I agree with you, there are many powerful ways to reach those looking for ways to return to God and this is definitely one of them!