Daughter Turns One!

Daughter of the King is celebrating its first birthday this weekend! I really can't believe I have been doing this for a whole year already. Then again, I know better; none of this is me. Since very little thought went into starting this blog, I have to believe it is something God wanted me to do. My blog description says this is a place for my Catholic musings, and it is and will continue to be, but I know it has also gone beyond that. The comments, you my readers and followers have left me over this last year have shown me that some of what gets written actually helps and edifies you in your faith. Again, I take very little, if any credit for that. As I have said before I don't consider myself a writer.
The Catholic blogging community is an amazing place, and I am glad to be a part of it. Our good God has rewarded and blessed me with loyal followers and readers who with their own blogs help me on my walk of faith. The Enemy uses this form of technology for his evil ends, it is so good to see that so many use it for the good of glorifying God and furthering His kingdom here on earth. I am sure if St Paul were around today he would have a laptop and a blog!
As you can see, I have made a few changes. The new background is for the Advent and Christmas season we are about to enter. I also made a slight change in my template. I thought I'd move things around a bit. I have also designed a new blog button. You can copy it from the sidebar and paste it to your own blogs if you would like. The picture is a wood carving of Mary Magdalen; the artist is unknown.
As for content, it will remain pretty much the same. However, one change for this season of Advent and Christmastide will be that while I will continue to keep my Sundays as blog~free as possible, I will open my Sunday posts for comments during this sacred season so that we can share our thoughts and prayers as a Catholic and Christian community. I've been thinking of doing a series of meditations or reflections for each of the Sundays. We'll see what the Holy Spirit has in mind for this.
One thing I will not do on this blog is stray from its Catholic content. Anything you read here will always be in line with Magesterial teaching. If it is not, I will rely on those of you among my Catholic readers to correct me (charitably :) I have always welcomed anyone who wishes to read and comment to do so as long as the comments remain charitable. You don't have to agree with what I say, just play nicely in the combox.
Finally, I would like to thank all of you who read and comment on a regular basis. It is only because of you and God's grace that Daughter of the King continues. I am looking forward to another year of posting and sharing thoughts and comments wth you, and maybe a few new readers as well.
May God continue to bless each of you and may we all have a blessed Advent season!

*Here is where it all began, my first post~New Explorations


Mary333 said…
Happy Blog Anniversary, Karinann! I, for one, am definitely happy that the Holy Spirit inspired you to blog and I have no doubts that it's from Him:) While reading your blog I am often flooded with the Spirit, I think that this is His way of guiding me. My mom who has never even read your blog [she doesn't use computers] had a witness in the Spirit about you also, when I told her about you, your blog and the recent retreat. It was a confirmation of what I already knew, but it is always good to get confirmations from others.
Karinann said…
Thanks Mary. I am glad the Spirit works through this blog for you. I will take yours and your Mom's witness as confirmation that I am at least attempting to follow God's will in all this.
Anne said…
Karinann, Happy Blogging Anniversary! You know I love your blog and now, I also love the new background-it's beautiful! I disagree when you say you are not a writer, you write wonderfully-it's a true gift to you from the Spirit! Keep on keeping on! And a blessed Advent to you!
Congratulations on your first anniversary!
Colleen said…
Karinann, love the new background and the new button which I will put on my blog. Glad you are opening up comments. I like to read your Sunday reflections and often want to tell you so. Happy anniversary! And I agree with Anne. You write wonderfully!
Karinann said…
Anne & Colleen~ Thank you both for your kind and supportive words on my writing and the new look for Daughter. As far as writing goes, I will try to remember that it is a gift from the Holy Spirit. (Although He does the actual writing, I'm just here tapping the keys :)

Thank you, Elizabeth. Hope you are feeling better :)