Fr. Robert Barron On The End Of The World

Fr. Barron is back with his review of the movie 2012. Father brings out and discusses many interesting points made in this movie, but spends some time illuminating the anti~Catholic sentiments portayed. He says that while the movie is based on Biblical facts, it is a twisted version of the Biblical passages that talk about the end of the world. He also discusses how the movie aggressively eliminates God; anyone seen praying is destroyed or eliminated in some way.
As always, you can rely on Fr. Barron's honest and straightforward commentary.


Michael said…
Hi Karinann,
I found your blog through Sanctus Christopher. You've done a nice job here! The 2012 thing really gets to me, mainly because Jesus told us that no one, not even He, knows when the world will end. Anyway, I havent seen the movie, so this clip was interesting to me. I didnt realize the movie as a whole was anti-Catholic. thanks for the post!
God Bless!
Karinann said…
Thanks and welcome! I haven't seen the movie either, but the whole thing annoys me for the same reasons as yours- if Jesus doesn't know, who do the Mayans or anyone else for that matter, think they are?
Hope you enjoy your visits to my blog.
God Bless!