Generation X~er Turned Catholic Priest

  In this Year For Priests, I like to highlight and feature the story of priests and their priesthoods when I come across them.The mainstream media is still insistent on focusing on the negatives (whether true or not). I found this edifying story over at Ignatius Insights.
Ain't Talkin' "Bout Love is Fr. John Cihak's story of his road to the priesthood. It is a story of stark contrast; he went from singer in a rock band to the priesthood. Fr.Cihak says that he isn't one of those priests who knew he had a calling from a very young age. He had his ideas about where his life would go, a family and being a doctor, and well, God had His own plans for this man! Follow the link with article's title to read Father's whole story.
Let us continue to pray for all our priests.


Anne said…
What a great, great story! I've already forwarded it to my son at school and his friend in England, the one with the vocations website. I hope they will link to it on their sites. It really made my day!

God bless you dear!
Karinann said…
It made my day as well. Thanks for passing it on to the Vocations website; I always forget to do that.
Colleen said…
Thanks for sharing this.
Paul in the GNW said…
Big Smile Here. I've had the privilege of meeting Fr. Cihak (sigh-ack is the way I've heard it BTW) a few times, and he is often interviewed on our local Catholic Radio station KBVM. One of the great things Fr. Cihak does along with a few other great young priests is Quo Vadis Days - a vocations retreat for teens and young men that has been very successful.

It is very cool to see his vocation story so widely distributed. I didn't know much of the story it is very interesting
Karinann said…
Thanks for sharing some more about Fr Cihak; and how very cool to have met him!
God Bless!
So glad I had the chance to read this post! Thank you so much!!!