Seek In Faith

Today's Gospel is a continuation of last week's passage from Luke. The people who formed that angry mob were of the mind of "Show us what you can do. Do what you did in all those other places you visited." Jesus knew this and responded to their lack of faith with "A prophet is not accepted in his own native place."
I am going to break from my Living Scripture format for this week and instead leave you with a writing from St John of the Cross. This reflection seems to sum up what was going on in Nazareth that day as well as what continues in our own time. The people in that mob had their own pre~conceived notions of who and what the Messiah should be. Jesus was not what they expected.  Many seek to know God through understanding and proof rather than faith.

No Prophet Is Accepted
God usually affirms, promises and teaches many things, not so that there be an immediate understanding of them, but that afterwards at the proper time, or when the effect is produced, one may receive light about them...
By order of him who spoke, everything will be understood at the opportune time; and he whom God wills shall understand clearly that so it was fitting, since God does nothing without cause and truth.  But believe me, a person cannot completely grasp the meaning of God's locutions and deeds, nor can he determine this by appearances without extreme error and bewilderment.
The prophets, entrusted with the Word of God, were well aware of this. Prophecy for them was a severe trial because as we affirmed, the people observed that a good portion of the prophecy did not come true according to the literal meaning.  As a result, the people jibed and mocked the prophets excessively...
Why then should we be surprised if God's locutions and revelations so not materialize as expected?  Suppose God affirms or represents to an individual some promise (good or bad pertaining to the person himself or another); if this promise is based on certain causes (devotion or service rendered to God, or offense committed against him, now or in the future) and these causes remain, the promise will be accomplished.  But since the duration of these causes is uncertain, the fulfillment of the promise is too.  One should seek  assurance, therefore, not in understanding, but in faith.
~St John of the Cross
(as printed in Magnificat)


Michael said…
It must have been such a shock for people in Jesus' time - from His birth to His death. Everything about the Messiah and Heaven seemed to be the exact opposite of what they believed.

I like this post a lot. A good reminder for all of us that God has a plan - and it might be (actually, it probably is) different than we think.

We just need to put all our Faith in Him and hang on for the ride!

God bless you!
Karinann said…
God is constantly showing me that His plan is different from what I think. Faith and hanging on for the ride is definitely the key!
Glad you liked the post.