Noteworthy Blog: St Conleth's Catholic Heritage

I received a comment  from a contributor of the blog, St Conleth's Catholic Heritage. The commenter asked if I would alert my readers to their blog and Catholic Journal, Christvs Regnat. 
As I am extremely careful who I support on this blog, I went and checked them out before writing this post.
They are with the Catholic Church in Ireland and support the Traditional Latin Mass. Their site is faithful to Catholic teaching and the Holy Father. I am not sure if there is a charge for the subscription to the journal, but you can e-mail them by going to the Christvs Regnat link above.
The Church in Ireland has had its share of difficulties lately, so do keep them in your prayers.


Anne said…
Karinann, you have some beautiful patron saints for this year! What a blessing!
Karinann said…
Thanks Anne and yes they are a blessing; two wonderful women in the life of Jesus.