Whatever He Tells You; Do It

 James Tissot's Wedding at Cana

There is a wedding. Our Lady, Jesus and His disciples are invited~ and so are you. I invite you to place yourself at this festive occasion. In the midst of the festivities you seem to notice a bit of a fuss going on between the bride and groom and perhaps their families. Our Lady notices as well and she knows just what the problem is~the wine has run out. She knows the embarrassment this could cause the newly married couple, and she knows her Son could certainly help the situation. Your attention is now on Jesus and His Mother; they seem to be discussing the problem. You move in a little closer to see if you can hear what they are saying. The conversation is calm but firm and Mary seems to have convinced her Son to help; that His hour has indeed come to manifest His divinity and begin His public ministry.
She now turns to the wine stewards and again in a kind but firm voice tells them, "Whatever He tells you; do it!"
Jesus now gives them instructions, and they heed Our Lady's command; they follow them. In doing so they, the disciples and you witness a miracle~Jesus has changed the water into fine wine.
Jesus has not only captivated His disciples, but He has captivated you as well.
His disciples will continue to follow Him in the days, weeks, years ahead and they will witness so many more miracles. You too long to follow and be near Jesus and wonder if you can follow also. It is then that you again hear Our Lady's words: "Whatever He tells you; do it!"

Dear Jesus,
In this scene from the wedding at Cana, You show us how you are unable to resist a request from your Mother. You have given her to us as our Mother too. Help me to remember to go to her with my needs because all she wants to do is bring me closer to You. Just as You could not refuse her at Cana, You will not refuse her when she comes to You on my behalf. Like these wine stewards, may I too be obedient to her command to do whatever you tell me for she knows that whatever You ask is for my good and Your glory.
May my petitions be purified through our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart.


Michael said…
I love the way you wrote this post and the perspective you took.

This passage has always moved me.

At first, it was because it is was Jesus' first public miracle. But the more I read it over the years, the more I was moved by what seems to be Mary's gentle push (Even though She must have known it would lead to much pain down the road)

And, as you have nicely pointed out, her message is so relevant to us ... do what Jesus tells us!

Great post!
Anne said…
How blessed we are to have such an irresistible mother!
Karinann said…
Anne, yes truly we are blessed.

Glad you liked the post. I love to put myself in Scripture either as one of the people involved or as a bystander. It helps me to delve a little deeper into the passage.
Mary333 said…
I love to put myself in scripture, too! Thanks for the meditation and I joined you in your beautiful prayer.
~ Judy ~ said…
I LOVE this!
I actually wrote something very similar in My Faith Corner on Daily Blessings!
This story has always moved me deeply; especially in the sense that we see God, once again, using MARY to REVEAL THE CHRIST.
I LOVE THAT...it reminds me that He wants US to do the same as His humble handmaiden...REVEAL HIM to the multitudes...even in the midst of a party!!!!
Thanks Karinann...I just love the way you tell a story.
the booklady said…
A beautiful meditation on a favorite Gospel event! Thank you for that and for the lovely prayer.

I'm a revert too BTW ... although my conversion is such an on-going process, I never thought to count years!!! Looking back to yesterday is bad enough! OUCH!
Karinann said…
I love that~"reveal him...even in the midst of a party." There is so much to this passage. I can read it 10 times and get something different from it each time.

Dear Booklady- well I can understand how looking back over years can be painful, mine certainly are, but when looked at through the lens of love and forgiveness those years take on new meaning.
Thanks for the thoughts and comments.