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Yesterday I received an e-mail from my friend Judy of BenMakesTen fame. In it was a link to the blog of a young woman who is seriously seeking a vocation to religious life. She writes under the name of Sadie and her blog is called Seeking a Vocation.
When I followed Judy's link I never expected to read such beautiful, faith~filled writing. This young woman is truly in love with her Lord and her writing reflects it; it also is of a depth way beyond her 16 years!
After reading several of her posts, I e-mailed her to first of all tell her what a beautiful blog she is keeping, and secondly to ask her if I could write a post linking to her blog.  She kindly agreed.
In these times when our youth sometimes get a bad rap, and too many seem to focus on their negatives, I thought it would be nice to highlight a young woman of incredible faith and trust in God. I also know there are several of my readers who have sons and daughters seriously seeking and discerning vocations to the priesthood and religious life; Sadie's blog is an excellent one for them to read and add to their blogrolls. Our young people need the support of their peers who are of like minded faith and morals just as we adults do.
The link above (2nd link) will take you to Sadie's post titled The Pearl City. In addition to being a young woman of faith, she is also a very talented writer.
So go visit Sadie's blog and those of you with teens, be sure to share it with them as well.
Finally let us all keep her and all those who are discerning vocations to the priesthood and religious life in our prayers.
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Anne said…
Thanks for this info Karinann. I'm anxious to check out her blog!
Karinann said…
Anne, You are welcome.You'll love her writing. You may want to pass it on to John as well.
Mary333 said…
Thanks for the link, it always lifts my heart to see young people on fire for the Lord! I pray extra for them so that they may lead their peers to the Lord. I love the energy and passion in the young. I lost my 22 year old cousin, Matthew, to a drug overdose last year and have upped my prayers for all young people. We need them, they are the future of our country and I hate to see a young life wasted due to drugs and negative peer pressure.
Karinann said…
Anne and Mary,
I'm glad you both visited Sadie's blog and liked what you saw.
~ Judy ~ said…
Thank you SO MUCH Karinann.
I can't wait to see her at Mass next Sunday and ask if she's read your post! I do hope you've sent her a link to it!!!
~ Judy ~ said…
BTW, thanks for that generous link to benmakesten in your post :)
Karinann said…
I did send her the link and she's read the post. I was happy to do this. Her writing is down riight saintly!