The Devout Life

One of the first books that I read upon the return to my faith, and one that has continued to have a lasting effect on my spiritual life was St Francis deSales Introduction to the Devout Life. The important thread that runs through this work is that this saint and Doctor of the Church explains how a life of devotion~devoutness~ is for everyone. God gives the grace, and if we cooperate with that grace it is possible for all of us, not just those called to religious life, to live a holy and devout life.
Follow this link to Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio's Crossroads Initiative site to read an excerpt from this treasure of a work on the spiritual life.
On this the feast day of this great saint and patron of writers, let those of us who share our thoughts and words on our blogs ask for St Francis' intercession that our words may always give glory to God.
One last note~ happy feast day to my blogging friend Colleen at Thoughts on Grace. St Francis deSales has chosen to accompany and be companion to her for this current year.
St Francis deSales, pray for us!



I didn't know he was Patron Saint of writers. Thanx for that info.

God bless.
Karinann said…
I think it is more specifically journalists but I don't think he would mind looking after us bloggers as well :)
God bless, Victor.
Colleen said…
I read somewhere that he is patron saint of writers AND journalists!! And spiritual directors!
Thank you for your best wishes on this feast day! I am becoming closer and closer to St. Francis de Sales, thanks to you and the Holy Spirit! I wrote an article about him on I am trying to post something right now on my blog but not going well. I better ask for his help!! God bless! Hugs!
Colleen said…
Me again! I like your font! It is a fun kind of font if you know what I mean!!
Great post!
We were both thinking of Saint Francis today, it seems!
I was wondering if you could draw a new patron for me and one for my friend, Suzanne, as well?
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen and Judy.
Colleen, glad to hear you and St Francis are getting to know each other in this new year. I will check out your article in the Examiner. Glad you like the font- I thought it was kind of whimsical myself.

Judy, I will be happy to let the saints choose for you and Suzanne. I'll e-mail you with the names tonight.
Hugs & Blessings to you both!