Taking Mary Into My Home

As we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God today, I would like to relate a story of how I have recently taken Our Lady into my home.
In my post yesterday, I alluded to how I felt our Blessed Mother wanting to have more of a role in my life. She seemed to make this quite clear on Christmas Eve.
The story actually begins before Thanksgiving of this past year. I was at my parents' new home when my father out of the blue asked if my parish needed a statue of the Blessed Mother. I told him I didn't think they did, but was very curious as to why he was asking me this. It seems that since their move in September, the statue that was given to my parents on their wedding day 50 years ago has been riding around in my father's trunk! I explained to him that he needed to release Our Lady from this captivity and find an honorable place for her. I made the suggestion of making a Mary garden of sorts on their little terrace. He then proceeded to say he was worried about the Muslims. Now I was beginning to wonder if my dear father was having some sort of senior episode. I calmly explained to him that most Muslims have a healthy respect for Mary and that his fears were probably unfounded. He was having no part of any of this. My mother in the meantime, was not having any part of this conversation, but simply said they had no room for the statue.
I left their home that day without the statue of Our Lady hoping they would have a change of heart. My parents have never been much for practicing their faith. My Mom has at least started going to Sunday Mass when my grandfather, her father, died a year ago.
That brings us to Christmas Eve. I had my family at my home for dinner that night. My father once again asked me if I wanted Mary. I told him since he didn't see fit to remove her from his trunk, I would gladly take her. My mother wanted to know what I was going to do with her- where in my small apartment could I put her. I told her not to worry about it, that perhaps I could donate her to my parish, or maybe donate her to our retreat house where we hold our Rachel's Vineyard retreats.
As of right now, Our Lady stands next to my dresser in my bedroom. Since taking her in on Christmas Eve, I have begun to think about the history of this statue. It was blessed and given to my parents on their wedding day 50 years ago, but strangely enough, it never was in any of the homes they lived in; it remained in my grandparents' house until my grandfather died last year.  Thinking about this, I really don't think I should give her away; she should stay in our family in some way.
I have been praying that if there is something else to be done with the statue that Our Lady or her Son will let me know. In the meantime, like St John, I behold my Mother and have taken her into my home. She is most welcome here and I pray she is happy here.
Like I said in my post yesterday, I feel that Mary is trying to guide me more in my spiritual life and in my relationship with her Son. Perhaps this is a very tangible sign from them both. I have heard Jesus interiorly, on a number of occasions, tell me to let His Mother help me. I think it is time I listened.
...Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


christopher said…
Beautiful Karinann, I hope you do keep right there :)
Karinann said…
Thanks Christopher. It does seem that Our Lady is happy in her new home so unless someone is in more need of a statue of her, she is staying.
therese rita said…
One of the saints said, "Never too much Mary." The only thing that ever happens in loving her is that we love & please her Son more. Of course she wants a closer relationship with and your family!
eaucoin said…
I have had my own statue of Mary since I brought some items to our isolated parish from a religious articles store (for our parishioners to shop from). When I broke the statue of Mary, I knew that I must buy it, and it glued so firmly and easily and seamlessly that only I know where it was once broken. I was a difficult child, and I knew very well when the statue broke that Mary was telling me "you may not think you need me, but I'm not going away." When I see the statue (on the windowsill in my dining room), I remember that she is my mother by her choice and not because I deserve her love. That was the issue with my own mother. I was the seventh of fourteen children and had cognitive deficits that were subtle but perplexing to my mother, and I felt her frustration was a result of my deficiencies (I often didn't share with her the difficulties I was having, I felt they reflected a shameful lack of effort and goodness.) Ironically, my mother was so wonderful that I could never find anything wrong with her, and that made me certain I was entirely to blame for the discomfort within our relationship. I consider myself twice blessed that the Holy Spirit surely told my mother to surrender me to Mary and that Jesus never minds sharing His mother.
Karinann said…
Theresarita and eaucoin- welcome and thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post.
theresarita- I am slowly coming to see that the saint who said we can never have too much Mary was right.

eaucoin- thank you for sharing some of your own story. I have a feeling the Blessed Mother is trying to tell me she is not done with me either and that I need her more than I know.
Mary333 said…
I'm guessing Our Lady is thrilled that you took her in :)
Karinann said…
Yes, Mary, I would say we are both quite glad :)