The Way To Teach Our Girls


As an educator myself, I often find myself being critical of teaching methods, sometimes with good reason, sometimes not. When I see what society and our culture teaches, especially to our youth, and more specifically our young girls, I absolutely cringe.
I grew up with loving parents, but they taught me the ways of the world more than the ways of my faith. If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know where that led me. The culture today is even more perverse than it was 30 years ago when I was a teen, and sadly many parents are still teaching according to the ways of the world. I am not trying to be critical of parents, my own or anyone else's~heaven knows their job is not an easy one. I am simply making an observation and maybe spread a little light on a better way.
St Angela Merici knew the better way. She formed the religious order of women known as the Ursulines. This group of women had no money or power, but they did have Christ, and it was their commitment to Him that enabled them to gather poor young girls off their streets and educate them. Their methods were so successful that Angela was asked to bring her methods for education to other cities. She even had the support of the Pope whose offer of a nursing position she refused earlier.
St Angela and the Ursulines had the right idea; their education practices were rooted in Christ.
Today is St Angela's feast day; let us ask her intercession in teaching our youth with her commitment to Christ. As parents and educators we can learn much from these women and our world would be a better place for it.
St. Angela Merici
St Angela Merici, pray for us!