Stay With Me

 James Tissot: Jesus Feeds the Multitudes

Listening to and reflecting on today's Gospel from Mark, I seemed to hear something that I don't remember hearing before. I have heard the story of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes many times, but what caught my attention today was that Jesus was saying: "Stay with Me." Now he doesn't say it directly, but the Apostles want to send the crowds away so that they can care for themselves. Jesus tells the Apostles to have the people stay and then proceeds to feed them Himself with five loaves and two fish. "Stay with Me and I will remain with you; stay with Me and I, Myself will feed you." This is the message I got from the Gospel today and the will try to return to throughout this day.
Jesus didn't come just to say, "Here I am, I am the Messiah" and then just move along. His coming, the signs and wonders He manifested throughout His earthly life, and His death and Resurrection say: "I came to love and for love. Stay with Me and I will stay with you. I will feed you with My very Body and Blood."
In doing this we are able to take the love Jesus gives and go and do the same for others. Elizabeth  Ann Seton, whose feast we celebrate today, knew this. She converted to Catholicism, was married and raised five children. After her husband's death, she founded a religious order and began establishing Catholic schools in Maryland. She knew Christ's love for her, received Him and stayed with Him. She then spread that love to those in need.
Let us ask St Elizabeth Ann Seton for her prayers and intercession today so that we too may accept Christ's love, stay with Him and bring Him to others.


Colleen said…
Karinann, beautiful reflection. Thanks for your prayers. Happy New Year!
Daily Grace said…
What powerful words, "Stay with me". I will always remember these words when I hear this gospel passage.

God bless
Elizabeth is my Confirmation Saint :)
The message you received from today's Gospel is profound and beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.
I received your note...I am on my laptop right now so I don't have your email address to reply...but your message was just what I needed...THANK YOU...I REALLY appreciated it! xo