How Big I'm Blessed

This past weekend I came off of what I like to call one of my spoiled brat moods. That's right, this daughter of the king had several tantrums and whining episodes with her Lord and Heavenly Father. I know what these moods come from~ fatigue and overwork are usually the weapons the devil uses to reduce me to the spoiled, whiny brat. But then God steps in, after letting me go on for a bit, and reminds me of His grace, mercy and love. Then like any child who really does not want to upset her Father, she tells Him she is sorry and goes on.
In the middle of my tantrums this weekend, God used the song This is the Stuff by Christian artist Francesca Battistelli. The song not only reminded me of  "how big I'm blessed", but also put a smile on my face.
Life will always find a way to get under our skin, but God can and will use that stuff to bring us to holiness~ if we let Him.
Crank it up and enjoy!


Deanna said…
Blessings to you today!
I had a brat fit week-end as well.
Yuck...I don't like this when it happens.

God bless you and may this week go so much better. Very well.
d from home haven
Karinann said…
Thanks Christopher and Deanna.
Deanna- hope your week is better too.

God bless!
Anonymous said…