Let's Storm Heaven

The commencement exercises at Notre Dame are just one week away. The man we call President is still scheduled to speak and to be honored by this once fine Catholic university. I don't usually write about current events and I am not going to do that now, but I will say this, I believe the greater sin has been commited by the university. Mr. Obama is who he is and his politics are very clear. Notre Dame knew and knows this and yet still chooses to blatantly defy the teaching of the Catholic Church. Shame on Fr. Jenkins and all who were involved in this invitataion. I don't mean to sound judgemental, but that is just my own humble opinion- backed up by the Church and its teaching.
That being said, what is really called for is prayer and lots of it; Heaven needs to be stormed! I found a link to a novena to St. Joseph over at Fr. Philip's blog. Click his name and it will take you to the link for the novena and the very powerful post that goes with it. The novena began yesterday, but our awesome God does not live in time, so join in whenever you read this. Pray it before the Blessed Sacrament if you can. Those of us who live by the Church's teaching need to make reparation before our Lord.
May God have mercy on Notre Dame, President Obama, and us all.