Sunday Snippets ~ A Catholic Carnival #7

I know today is Pentecost and I should probably be posting about this very important feast, but my posts for this week are related to a different feast ~ that of the Visitation. While the Church celebrates it's birthday today, I also celebrate a birthday of sorts ~ my "spiritual birthday", so to speak. As a Catholic, I know that it is not about me, but I hope you will forgive my moment of self indulgence as you read The Time of My Visitation. It is a brief reflection on the significance of the feast of the Visitation in my reversion.
In the days following my reversion, I found myself very drawn to the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Both the first post I mentioned, as well as The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Me, do bear a connection in my overall story of return.
Finally, a post that has nothing to to with either of the first two, Our Father's Love Letter is a video post that Scripturally tells of God's immense love for each one of us.

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Nod said…
I was awed by your sharing. The Lord does visit us in mysterious ways. I think the Church is plenty big enough to let this be your "spiritual birthday" too. Happy Birthday!